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Developed With Athletes, Made For You


The Problem

Looking back, it seemed like life was just going by so fast. Working long hours, using coffee as a crutch to just barely make it through the day. Then when kids came along it got even worse. We’d do our best, but knew that we were just going through the motions. I wasn’t achieving what I knew I was capable of. My home life was just collapsing at the end of work. I spoke to my friends and it seems this was just accepted as the way it is for most people.

So a few of us got together and tried to figure out what the problem was. We consciously tried working less. We tried eating differently. Exercising. Meditation. Anything and everything. We saw noticeable improvements, but still felt like it didn’t work as well as we thought it would. It was then that we realised the answer was relatively simple.

What was the root of all of our problems?

Why did we plod through our day with our eyes barely open?

Why were we getting to the end of the day feeling like we had achieved nothing?

Why couldn’t we focus for more than 15 minutes without getting distracted by something else?

Why weren’t we able to remember important details from the meeting before?

The answer: basic human needs; we weren’t getting quality sleep and we weren’t feeding our brain the right nutrients. We knew fixing our sleep would help 80% of our problems. The other 20% of the issue involved getting our brains to work properly – which can be tricky.

How A Fall Helped Us Optimise Brain Health

The Tour de France is a gruelling race with mountainous terrain, tight turns, and is packed, incredibly packed with riders. For “the Tour”, teams travel over 3,000 km during a 23-day period. Mercifully, there are two rest days, but the riders don’t really rest. Instead, they do light biking for a few hours and do their best to stay focused on the race.

The Tour is a test of mental and physical strength. These riders are tested in a way few other people are. They burn over 100,000 calories during the race. To say they get tired and worn out is a gross over-simplification.

Through it all, riders are required to keep razor sharp focus. They need to ensure they’re taking the best lines, not get distracted by the crowds or other riders. Even the slightest lapse in concentration can have devastating consequences…

Unfortunately this is exactly what happened. In 2015 a rider in peak condition was leading the pack. He was supposed to win the stage. It was his for the taking. But a tiny lapse in concentration caused him to take a turn too sharply. He clipped the edge, fell off his bike, and worse, fell from taking first place to fourth.

It was this situation and similar other circumstances that prompted a team of doctors and nutritionists to come up with a natural supplement to help prevent this from ever happening again.

Developed With Tour de France Athletes, Made for You

Neuro Focus Plus is a supplement that was over two years in the making. Our team of researchers and doctors worked with racers to figure out what would help them succeed. During this process, they found out that the main priorities were the ability to think clearer to make the right decisions, and to keep this focus over longer periods of time.

Imagine being a racer in the Tour. You’re physically exhausted. Everything hurts. All you want to do is ride, but you’re mind keeps wandering. You’re worried you’re not where you should be. And your opponents just seem to be getting faster and faster. It’s no surprise that riders often switch off, and as a result, don’t do nearly as well as they could.

But participants in the Tour de France aren’t the only ones that need to focus longer, want to think clearer, or improve their memory. Everyone does – whether it’s because you have a deadline for a project you haven’t completed yet, finding it harder now you have kids, or you just want to get your edge back.

Thinking clearer, and staying focused is only half the battle though. We found that the time spent off the road could be just as vital.

Vital Combination

The importance of a good night’s rest cannot be understated. 90 minutes is how long it takes for someone to go through the stages of sleep that constitute a cycle.  We don't spend all night in deep sleep, we cycle in and out in these 90 minute periods.  Most of us would benefit from a baseline of 5 of these cycles a night (5 x 90 mins = 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep).

Getting quality sleep can help you feel more alert, more recovered from physical and mental activity, improve your performance, reduce stress, and of course, help you avoid accidents.

When we were initially testing out the best ways to help the riders, we soon found out we were leaving out an entire group of people. The support staff of the team were jealous and said they needed more help than the riders!

At first, it was hard for us to believe, but then they told us all about the incredible anxiety they were faced with leading up to the Tour de France and throughout it. They were more anxious than the riders and had more trouble sleeping than they did. So we came up with our second formula.

Enter Neuro Rest.

Neuro Rest is designed to help improve your sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and get all the neurological benefits of a good night’s rest. It’s non-habit forming and is completely natural.

We tested both supplements in extreme circumstances so that we knew it’d work for you too. We carefully chose each ingredient in Neuro Focus Plus and Neuro Rest for their science-backed benefits and to ensure you get a product that actually works.

Of course, it’s easy to say that standing in the future and looking at the past. Neuro Focus Plus and Neuro Rest may not help you get to the podium, but they can help you achieve the best version of yourself. Try them and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Richard Turnbull

CEO & Founder of Utmost Me

Instagram: richardturnbull