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Sleep Blog

If you’re struggling with sleep problems and need more in-depth and longer term support to help you get back to healthy sleep, Utmost Me can help support you with advice from our sleep experts. Here you’ll find articles on everything related to sleep;  from bedtime routines and sleep nutrition. We’re here to help you improve to the foundation of health - sleep.

How Important Is Sleep?

Why Is Sleep Important? Here at Utmost Me, we get asked this question a lot. We often reply by quoting one of our favourite sleep scientists, Matthew Walker, director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the Univ...

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Why We Don’t Recommend 'Weekend Lie-Ins'

Your Circadian Rhythm Clock and the 'Weekend Lie-In' If you Google the phrase "People who sleep in on weekends avoid dying young, study suggests," you'll find 40 to 50 essentially identical articles. All of them are ...

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Neuro Rest Case Study - From Insomnia Back To Healthy Sleep

How Joanna Used Neuro Rest and a Sleep Routine To Combat Insomnia At Utmost Me, we believe in the whole self. Our aim is to help guide you back to healthy sleep both now and in the long-term. That’s why we partner wi...

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Taking Griffonia Seed Extract at Bedtime Can Help You Sleep

Griffonia seed extract - a rich, natural source of 5-HTP The Griffonia Simplicifolia plant grows along the coastal shores of Western and Central Africa, and to a lesser degree deep within the jungles of that area. C...

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Taurine for Sleep – The Natural Insomnia Remedy

Taurine. Chances are you've never heard of it. And if you have, chances are much of what you've heard is either not true or only partially true. For example, yes, it's used in energy drinks such as Red Bull, and yes,...

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Tryptophan For Better Mood, Sleep Quality And Reduced Anxiety

What is tryptophan and how does it help sleep? Tryptophan (formally known as L-tryptophan) is often blamed for causing unwanted drowsiness. This is usually in association with the myth that eating a lot of turkey at ...

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Montmorency Cherry for Sleep – The Natural Insomnia Remedy

Do you occasionally experience insomnia, and have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night? Well, you're not alone. The NHS reports that insomnia affects 1 in 3 British adults. If you're not certain...

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Herbal Sleeping Tablets - The Best Ingredients To Look For

We all have difficulty falling asleep from time to time. For many of us – the lucky ones – these periods of sleeplessness are short-lived, and go away quickly when they occur. But, as studies have shown, up to two-th...

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Flying Woes? Natural Sleeping Tablets Can Help

Remember back when you used to feel excited to fly away somewhere? Back in the days when a long plane flight – whether for business or pleasure – was something to look forward to? Travelling can absolutely be that wa...

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