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Trouble sleeping? Join Utmost Me Sleep Club for Sleep Aids, Tips and Advice

If you are regularly struggling to get a good night’s sleep and find yourself lying awake and not being able to drift off, Utmost Me Sleep Club can help you.

Join Utmost Me Sleep Club for free sleep aid support, inspiration and guidance on getting better sleep

Utmost Me Sleep Club has been specifically designed to be a place where you can open up about your sleep struggles and why you might be experiencing them. You can get access to help from world class sleep experts, learn practices proven to help, ask questions and share you own answers and experiences.

Utmost Me Sleep Club is private, anything that you decide to share can only be seen by other members of the group and will not be shown on your Facebook feed to anyone outside of Sleep Club. The mission of Utmost Me Sleep Club is to build a brilliant and supportive community of like minded individuals who know that sleep is the foundation to a happier, healthier life where you can enjoy more better days.

Why does Utmost Me offer expert advice in a Sleep Club?

Utmost Me developed Sleep Club solely for the reason that we want to help our customers on a path to long-term sleep health. Our customer care programme doesn’t end when you purchase a product from us - that’s just the beginning of our care programme.

We also know from our own experience and advice provided from Utmost Me doctors that our natural sleep aid: Neuro Rest, whilst effective, becomes even more effective when taking in conjunction with healthy sleep behaviours and habits. A great example of this is in Joanna’s story below:

Utmost Me Sleep Club helped Joanna get back to healthy sleep

Read Joanna’s story:

“Back in mid April I was the Utmost Sleep Club page’s lucky winner of their World Sleep Giveaway. Having suffered from very poor sleep for many years I thought I would never sleep well again and was doomed to wake at around 2am forever! so was willing to try anything!

I’m so pleased to report that, thanks to my time Anandi (Utmost Me Sleep Expert) my sleep is actually improving. I’m still waking at times during the night but am generally able to go back to sleep - even my husband has noticed the difference! My prize included consultations from Anandi who has given me some top tips after looking at my weekly food/sleep/routine diary, which appear to be working.”

Here is what Joanna says she changed to improve her sleep:

  1. Daily 15 minute meditation - This has taken some getting used to and initially felt like something else to add to my ‘to do’ list! BUT It is now something I am beginning to benefit from as I am beginning to be able use it to quieten my busy mind which is usually very active in the middle of the night!
  2. Taking Neuro Rest sleeping tablets along with a magnesium supplement (which I was already using) at teatime.
  3. Not spending time on my phone after 8.30pm (I realised I was on it far more than I thought!).
  4. Trying to avoid heavy meals late at night - I’ve tried to eat lighter by eating more fish and less heavy rich meals. Something else I’ve done which I decided to try is avoiding caffeine (I’m now drinking green tea), less processed/sugary food, replacing white carbs with sweet potato, brown rice etc.

"These are just things I’m trying in addition to the recommendations from Anandi which may not suit everyone). I think I’m seeing an improvement through not just one of these things but through a combination of all of them.

Join Utmost Me Sleep Club today to begin your journey to long-term sleep health. 

For more help and advice on sleep aids, please visit the Utmost Me sleep blog


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