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Sleep Advice

If you’re struggling to sleep for any reason, Utmost Me is here to help. Our team of experts offer advice and tips on how to cope during sleepless nights and how to deal with sleep problems to get you back into a naturally healthy sleep pattern. From offering information on the best sleep aids through to planning bedtime routines, we can help you get back to full sleep health.
Keep checking back in with us here because our sleep advice database is constantly being updated with new articles and information.

20 Best Sleep Hacks To Conquer Your Insomnia

  We’ve all heard how important sleep is for our overall health. Nothing’s better than waking up from a solid eight hours, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. On the other side of the coin, nothing’s worse...

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Is Lack Of Sleep Causing Your ED?

If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED), know that you are not alone. Many men struggle with the inability to hold an erection during sex and thusly feel immense shame about their secret disorder. It’s b...

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How to Choose the Best Vegan Sleep Aid

The importance of choosing a vegan or vegetarian sleep supplement You don’t want to give your body anything but the best, so why would you fill it with unhealthy ingredients to help you fall asleep? Few people know t...

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The Problem with Antihistamine Sleeping Pills (and a Better Natural Alternative)

When you’re struggling to fall asleep at night, it’s easy to turn to that trusty bottle of Benadryl. Sure, popping a few pills will put you to sleep fast, but antihistamine sleeping pills are a bad idea for your heal...

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Tired All The Time? You Might Be In Sleep Debt

You Could Be In Sleep Debt  Are you in debt? And no, I’m not talking about money here, I’m actually talking about something much more valuable than money...hours of sleep. If you’re a modern, working class individual...

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How to Make Herbal Sleeping Tablets Even More Effective

If you’re struggling with sleep problems, you may be looking for the most effective sleep medication that can help, whether that’s prescription herbal sleeping tablets, over-the-counter sleeping pills, or some type o...

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Why Using Alcohol as a Sleep Aid Won’t Leave You Well Rested

Do you use an alcoholic drink or two to calm down in the evenings or even as a natural sleep aid to help you fall asleep faster? You’re not alone. Across the UK, more people than ever with sleep and anxiety issues ar...

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Sunday Night Insomnia Syndrome: What You Need to Know

Tossing and turning around in bed at night is never a good way to end the weekend, but that’s the reality for those of us with Sunday night insomnia syndrome. You know in your mind that you need to be rested for the ...

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How Important Is Sleep?

Why Is Sleep Important? Here at Utmost Me, we get asked this question a lot. We often reply by quoting one of our favourite sleep scientists, Matthew Walker, director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the Univ...

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