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  • Vital nutrients needed for better sleep
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • 100% Natural
  • Non-Drowsy
  • Developed by our Bioscientists
  • Approved by expert nutritionists
  • Developed with Tour De France riders to aid better sleep quality
Neuro Rest
Neuro Rest Neuro Rest Neuro Rest Neuro Rest Neuro Rest

Neuro Rest

  • Non-drowsy | 100% natural
  • Vital sleep nutrients
  • Eases anxiety
  • Wake up less during the night
  • Aids deeper, REM sleep
  • Lifts brain fog the next day
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100% natural

Vegan &

Gluten free


GMO free

Whole food & plant extracts

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The Power of Quality Sleep

During sleep, our brain and body recharges, re-energises, recovers and and renews.

That’s why after great sleep, we feel great, look great and are energised and alert.

If we don’t sleep well, the reverse happens, we suffer terrible brain fog, cannot focus and feel and look exhausted.

Neuro Rest is a sleep aid supplement that supports the three stages of sleep necessary for your brain and body to fully recharge and renew.

What is Neuro Rest?

Neuro Rest is a 100% natural, non-drowsy sleep aid supplement developed by our bioscientists and approved by expert nutritionists.

Originally, our Neuro Rest formula was developed to improve Tour De France riders’ sleep because better sleep is proven to aid recovery, enabling riders to be at their best the next day.

Neuro Rest is specifically designed to support all stages of sleep (it helps to relax you before sleep and helps you stay asleep so you feel wakeful and rested the next day) using three unique blends:

Our Sleep Quality Blend contains ingredients proven to Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue whilst increasing the feel good hormone serotonin.

Our exclusive Melo-Fruit ® Sleep Cycle Support combination provides Natural Sources of Melatonin** which regulates sleep cycles and signals to the body that it is time for sleep. [**Pure Melatonin is classed as medicinal in the UK and requires a prescription. Our blend of Montmorency Cherry, Grape Skin and Watermelon extracts contain natural melatonin sources].

The ingredients in our synergistic Mental Wellbeing Blend is shown to Contribute to Normal Psychological Functions to help you switch off for a good night's rest.

Registered Nutritionist Approved
“Neuro Rest is still one of my favourite supplements.” – Nutritionist & Health Is Wealth Co-Founder Chloe Cunningham
Nutritionist & Health Is Wealth Co-Founder Alexandra Neilan shares her top tips on “What your body needs for a better night’s sleep” below:
  • What’s in Neuro Rest?
    For all sorts of reasons, our bodies can be depleted of the vital nutrients we need for sleep. Neuro Rest contains the essential nutrients your body needs to sleep well.
    • The ingredients in our Sleep Quality Blend boost serotonin production to promote feelings of contentment, aid deeper sleep and produce the important sleep hormone, melatonin.

      Magnesium (MagneRest®)

      Our unique MagneRest® blend uses three types of magnesium to help the mind relax for normal psychological functions and contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


      An essential amino acid that works in harmony with your body’s metabolism to naturally produce more 5-HTP when you need it.

      5-HTP (from Griffonia seeds)

      Proven to increase the feel good hormone serotonin which helps reduce anxiety and insomnia. A naturally occurring amino acid which induces a calming effect on the brain.

      Our MeloFruit®️ sources of natural melatonin support the full sleep/wake cycle.

      Montmorency cherries

      High in melatonin, which is critical in helping to signal the body for sleep by regulating sleep and wake cycles.

      Grape skin

      Also contains a natural source of melatonin. When combined with a good sleep routine it signals the body for sleep.


      High in tryptophan for 5-HTP regulation, as well as a natural source of mood-boosting magnesium.

      Our mental wellbeing ingredients ease stress and anxiety to calm the mind before bed.


      Reduces anxiety to promote better sleep. Chamomile has long been recognised for its calming properties.


      An essential amino acid which can carry magnesium across the blood-brain barrier. It can also increase the neurotransmitter GABA which has a natural calming effect.


      B vitamin which helps maintain a positive, relaxed mood by contributing to normal psychological functions.

    Serving size - 2 capsules | 60 capsules per bottle

    Nutritional Information %NRV*
    Sleep Quality Blend
    Magnesium (MagneRest®️) 112mg 30
    L-Tryptophan 100mg
    Griffonia Seed Extract 90.9mg
    Providing 5HTP 90mg
    MeloFruit®️ Sleep Cycle Support
    Montmorency Cherry 72mg
    Grape Skin Extract 25mg
    Watermelon Extract 17mg
    Mental Wellbeing Blend
    Chamomile Powder 70mg
    L-Taurine 10mg
    Biotin 50μg 100

    *Nutrient Reference Value

    Ingredients: MagneRest® (Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Bis-Glicinate (L-Glycine, Magnesium Oxide, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide)), Capsule Shell:Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose, Bulking Agent: Microcrystalline Cellulose, L-Tryptophan, Griffonia Seed Extract, Montmorency Cherry Freeze Dried Powder, Chamomile Powder, Grape Skin Extract, Watermelon Extract, Anti-Caking Agents: Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide) L-Taurine (L-Taurine, Silicon Dioxide), D-biotin.

  • How Do These Ingredients Work?

    One thing that’s really important for getting a great night’s sleep is making sure that you have all of the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body needs.

    Three of the most important ones (that can be quite difficult to get though in your regular diet) include:
    Magnesium - brilliant for relaxing the body and actually sending you off to sleep.
    Taurine - because it carries magnesium across the blood-brain barrier in to the brain and has a relaxing effect on the brain. Taurine also increases GABA, a natural sedative which helps calm a busy mind.
    5HTP - the precursor to serotonin (the happy hormone) and melatonin (the sleep hormone) which will help you with a good night’s sleep and help you to feel good and happy throughout the day.Magnesium, Taurine and 5HTP to be bold.

  • How Is Neuro Rest Different To Other Sleep Aids?

    Neuro Rest is a sleep aid supplement that supports the three stages of sleep necessary for your brain and body to fully recharge and renew.

    Most other sleep aids are sedatives and only support one stage: falling asleep. The full sleep cycle isn't supported because you are only sedated. You are likely to wake up feeling drowsy and tired because you haven't had quality sleep.

    Neuro Rest won't 'knock you out' - it has been uniquely developed by our biosecientists to support every stage of sleep, helping you to get a full night's quality rest and back into a healthy sleep pattern.

    Neuro Rest is different because it is a supplement that supports all three stages of sleep necessary for your brain and body to fully restore overnight.

    Neuro Rest won’t ‘knock you out’ and it absolutely isn’t designed to.

    In order for your brain and body to recharge and recover and for you to feel focussed, energised and free of brain fog the next day, you need to have good quality REM sleep.

    Good quality sleep can only happen if your body experiences every stage of the sleep cycle, especially the deepest, most restorative REM sleep stage.

    The problem with being sedated or ‘knocked out’ is that it only supports the first stage of sleep: falling asleep. You will fall asleep more easily but you won’t experience the quality sleep your brain and body needs to fully recover.

    This means you are likely to wake up very drowsy and experience ‘brain fog’ and lack of focus the next day.

  • How Does Neuro Rest Improve Sleep?

    The pressure and stress of modern living often leads to burn-out. There are unprecedented health issues caused by stress, anxiety and a lack of sleep.

    At full health, you should feel always energetic, alert, focussed and rested. You’re able to think straight and be productive.

    A lack of quality sleep makes this impossible.

    Neuro Rest gives you the edge by harnessing the power of sleep to help you increase alertness, improve accuracy, elevate mood and reduce stress.

    Neuro Rest provides the essential nutrients needed to support all three stages of sleep:

    Falling asleep > staying asleep > feeling wakeful and rested the next day.

    Our Sleep Quality Blend helps you experience deeper, better quality REM sleep. If you wake up for any reason in the night, the Sleep Quality Blend helps you get back to sleep quickly.

    This unique blend includes 5-HTP and Tryptophan to boost serotonin levels.

    Serotonin is the ‘feel good hormone’ and is vital for sleep because it helps the body to produce melatonin.

    Melatonin is the all important sleep hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycle. It builds up naturally in your body as it gets darker, peaking at bedtime to make you feel drowsy.

    Melatonin drops as the sun comes up, sending signals it’s time to wake up. As you wake, serotonin starts to build.

    But artificial light interferes with your body’s natural melatonin production.

    This confuses your body clock, causing serious problems with falling asleep and waking up.

    Neuro Rest’s MeloFruit®️ blend of natural melatonin helps your body clock back to a healthy rhythm.

    And you wake up feeling well rested and refreshed and after a great night’s sleep!

    Here’s the science part!

    This is how it all works together:

    Tryptophan converts to 5-HTP, 5-HTP boosts serotonin production and serotonin supports the production of melatonin, the all important sleep hormone.

    Finally, our Mental Wellbeing Blend of chamomile, biotin and taurine helps to ease the mind of stress and anxiety before bed.

  • How Long Does It Take Neuro Rest To Work?

    You may start to notice the benefits immediately but most customers start to notice the effects after seven days, and it can take up to three weeks to feel the full cumulative effects of Neuro Rest.

    After 7 days you should start to notice that:
    ✓ You feel calmer at bedtime
    ✓ Wake up less during the night
    ✓ Feel more focussed and energised the next day
  • Does Neuro Rest Have Clinical Trials?

    Not yet - Neuro Rest is completing randomised double blind placebo controlled clinical trials in 2019 (the gold standard).

    What we consider large scale, quality Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) of ingredients and nutritional supplements for sleep and insomnia are limited. However, our formula was originally designed based on combining the ingredients at the right levels that have been proven to improve sleep.

    Here are some of those clinical studies:

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How to Take Neuro Rest

  1. To begin, we recommend taking one capsule, 30 minutes before bed, for the first four nights. We recommend starting with one capsule because your body may need time to adjust to 5-HTP from an external source.
  2. Increase to two capsules on the fifth night onwards. You may not need to take two - see how you feel taking one and increase the dose if you feel you need to.

Maximise The Effects of Neuro Rest

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, seven days a week. It's the number one recommendation to improve your sleep from Matthew Walker (Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of 'Why We Sleep' - one of our favourite books!)
  2. Turn off the blue light on your phone as this blocks your body’s natural melatonin production (on iPhones click Settings / Display & Brightness / Night Shift. On Android download the Twilight App).

Sleep Aid Supplement

Magnesium [MagneRest] + 5-HTP + Natural Melatonin Sources + L-Tryptophan + Montmorency Cherry + other natural ingredients proven to help sleep better.